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The Thula Mama a capella singing groups are designed specifically to nourish the needs of mums as well as their babies. Far from a traditional singing group where children get together and sing, at Thula Mama it is the mothers who sing. We believe that singing together is a way of developing a sense of community and is a grounding and confidence-building activity for mothers who can often feel very isolated.

Running a Thula Mama franchise would be ideal for anyone with an ear for a cappella harmony, a love of family singing and a cosy place to host the group. It can be on whatever scale you wish - a once-a-week group in a small town or a monopoly in a major city! What makes a Thula Mama franchise so different from ad-hoc singing groups is the support, training and resources you get, plus the legal backing and security.

Franchising information

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You will have a tried and tested songbook, an accompanying teaching CD with all the different singing parts, a demonstration DVD, all the publicity material you need and a manual telling you everything you need to run a successful and permanent singing group for mothers and babies.

During the training, you will be ‘put through your paces’ (in the gentlest possible way!), have the chance to teach a group of mothers a song and the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. On passing the training, you get on-going support, follow on songbooks and CDs and a dedicated web page of where you can publicize and communicate with your group. And…there are no income royalties to pay and you can stop whenever you like!

Teaching singing to mothers of small babies is unique and truly rewarding on many levels, particularly when you see the soothing effect it has on the babies and the joy on the women’s faces when they hear the beautiful sound they make.

A Thula Mama teacher should be:

Musical enough to be able to teach harmonies to a mixed-ability group.
Sympathetic to the needs of nursing mums.
Able to offer your group a comfortable environment with tea/coffee making facilities, cloakroom and baby changing facilities.

Benefits to you

What you get

Franchise Costs

Apply now for a Thula Mama Franchising Pre-Pack

Before pursuing a Thula Mama Franchise, you need to purchase a Franchise Pre-Pack. This is essentially the Franchise Agreement, which has been tailored to the needs of Thula Mama. You are advised to read over this draft agreement and consult legal advice and then, presuming you are happy with its contents, continue with the training.

Pay for your Thula Mama Franchising Pre-Pack (£14.99) by clicking on the 'add to basket' link below. Once your payment is received we will send your franchising pack to you. For any further franchising information please contact or call 01803 862028.

Training Day

Once you have received the Franchising Pre-Pack and you are happy to continue, book yourself onto a Thula Mama Training Day by contacting or 01803 862028. Run by Thula Mama Director, Helen Yeomans, the informal 4 and a half-hour training session will take place in Totnes, Devon enabling up to six people to attend an introductory talk and an individual interview. Each participant will also be sent a score and teaching CD prior to the training day so that they will have the opportunity of teaching a song to a group of mothers with babies on the Training Day.

If Thula Mama sounds like the franchise opportunity for you order your pre pack now or contact Helen Yeomans at or 01803 862028.