Thula Mama CD's - the perfect way to soothe your baby

Whether or not you are in a Thula Mama group you can experience the joy of Thula Mama for yourself and your baby by ordering our CD's online. Or order one for a friend, a perfect gift for those with young children. The CD's feature beautiful recordings of all the most popular Thula Mama songs with full sleeve notes and lyrics so you can sing along.

Tootsie Toolahs

The new CD from Thula Mama that everyone is talking about. 14 songs and lullabies to feed your soul and soothe your baby. Featuring Helen's stunning arrangements of traditional songs from around the world and stand out new compositions. Listen and buy it here.

Soul Cool Babies

Thula Mama's classic debut CD featuring songs and lullabies from around the world sung in beautiful a capella harmony. First sung in the original Thula Mama singing group, these songs will enable you to experience the bliss of singing and soulful bonding with your baby. Listen and buy it here.

Lullabies and inspirational singing for parents and babies

Thula Mama the CD

“I never drive anywhere without Thula Mama in the CD player! It’s the only thing that will calm my baby down on car journeys. She absolutely adores the songs, and my older children sing along to them all too!"
(Kate & Sally)

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Baby Music - Calming music for babies, including Baby Cello and Baby Symphony.

Glorious Chorus - Helen's gospel, soul and blues choir. All original music.