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About Thula Mama

A Thula Mama Session

A Thula Mama Session
A Thula Mama session

It has been said that some mothers have got pregnant so that they can come back for more Thula Mama! It’s not surprising. Where else could you settle into a warm cosy sofa with your baby, be brought endless cups of tea and biscuits, catch up with other mothers (who seem to come back every single week!) and sing exquisite songs and lullabies under the guidance of a mum who knows what you really need?

A Thula Mama Session Thula Mama often feels like a nurturing womens group. Full of laughs, story-sharing, rollicking singing, meditative chanting, tears of joy and welcome release. One of the most beautiful things about Thula Mama is the confidence it gives the mothers. Confidence to be able to sing and also to be able to soothe their babies so effectively. A mothers voice, the most wonderful thing in the world. A truly grounding and empowering experience.

Helen's Story

Helen Yeomans
Helen Yeomans

When Helen Yeomans joined a local choir after the birth of her 2nd child, a whole new world of singing opened up for her. Although musically trained as a child, she pursued careers in retail and catering before starting a family. But now she had found a source of real happiness and fulfilment that came from deep within. Harmonies came easily and soon she was writing songs herself.

After the birth of her 3rd child, Helen vowed that as soon as she was at playgroup she would start a singing group for mothers and babies. The group quickly took off, meeting in her living room every Tuesday morning, as it still does today. She has a permanent waiting list, yet has decided to keep the group small and intimate.

Lullabies and inspirational singing for parents and babies

Thula Mama featured on the Chris Evans Show, BBC R2

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Press play to hear to a recording of an interview with Helen Yeomans on the Chris Evans Show, BBC Radio 2, 17th April, 2007.

Everyone can Sing!

Helen firmly believes everyone can sing – all they need is a bit of encouragement. Most of her 'Thula Mamas' start by claiming they can’t sing, but after a few weeks they’re asking to sing harmonies!

"Thula Mama stopped my baby crying!"
(Steph and William)

"Helen is great, she should be cloned!"
(Claire and Felix)

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